A potato, lovingly rendered with Paint.

Hello there!
I'm Jasmine, a Computer Science student with a passion for design and technology.

I have about two years of coding experience under my belt, and I'm working hard to improve my skills everyday.

Currently, I'm on the lookout for internships.
I'd love to work somewhere I can utilize both a technical and creative mindset to solve problems and make an impact.

10 random fun facts

  1. My family once forgot the marshmallows for a camping trip and roasted mushrooms around the campfire instead. Since then, it's become a tradition.
  2. A motto I live by: "Everything in moderation, including moderation." -Oscar Wilde
  3. I've been trying to learn Legend of Zelda tunes on my ocarina. It's still a work in progress... mostly because I can't seem to find a place where people will tolerate my practicing.
  4. I love talking about philosophy and digging myself into existential crises.
  5. From time to time, I'll indulge in my guilty pleasure of sitting down with a tub of ice-cream for dinner.
  6. I have a habit of judging cars based on how pleasant a face the headlights (eyes) and license plate (mouth) make. There are a lot of angry-looking cars. Also, when I look at houses, I can't help but see layer cakes.
  7. I think pajamas are the comfiest articles of clothing and wouldn't mind wearing them all day, everyday.
  8. When I was in high school, I played the marching glockenspiel in the Drum and Bell Corps.
  9. My go-to palette seems to consist of blue, dark blue, and even more blue.
  10. My favorite video games are Nier:Automata, Undertale, and Detroit: Become Human. Common theme? Existential crises.